Friday, September 6, 2013

They don't pay me to think

The other day I was going to meet my friends to a bar in Chicago known for its blues performances and its cheap hamburgers.
When I got to the place, they requested my ID to enter the place. That's normal, every bar does that to verify you are older than 21 years old.

When I showed my Spanish ID to the guy by the door, he told me that he wouldn't accept that. Only passports.

I never carry my passport with me. It's safer at home, and it's very important to keep it safe since loosing it would be a really big mess. My student visa is attached to the passport. I would have to go to the Spanish consulate and request a new one, and who knows how much time could that last, and how expensive it would be. Any problem that could happen during a period of time without passport would get twice as complicated.

So I told him this situation. I don't carry my passport because it isn't wise, and I have an alternative ID, my Spanish ID. It looks like a credit card, so it isn't easy to fake.

However, he wouldn't let me in. So I asked him why he wouldn't accept my ID. He answer me:

"I don't know. They don't pay me to think."

That shocked me. I wasn't expecting that answer. I left the place and went with other friends to another bar. However, I didn't let that go and kept thinking about the meaning of that sentence.

I would have loved to say "Good for you! It's great that you leave those deicions that require thinking to the people that can actually think!". But I didn't.

However, if I have one day a company or I'm a manager of other people and someone says that sentence, no matter the job, I will fire him immediately.

It doesn't matter if you are in the front door of a bar, you are a janitor or a executive of a big firm. What's that stupidity that they don't pay you to think? Of course they don't, but if that prevents you from doing it, you aren't worth being in my company. Because of that obedience without reasoning, terrible things happen in the world.

Think! Always think! And live your life in a way that you feel your thinking capabilities are constantly expanding through empathy and previous experiences.

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